Yoga Wheel

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  • A great way to release stress and massage therapy
  • Excellent tool for rehabilitation,improving balance and body awareness and coordination
  • Strong enough to be used by adults or children


  • IMPROVE YOUR YOGA: Considered to be the BEST back opener & stretcher you could have, this yoga wheel will open you up to new sequences & forms. This unique yoga wheel will help you improve your flexibility and balance and be able to execute any pose perfectly! The yoga prop is ideal for backbends so you can stretch your back go deeper into spinal stretch and relieve any backache.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: Surpassing competitive products in both quality and thickness,FITSY Yoga Wheel features the THICKEST PADDING available, which cushions your palms, feet, and back while in motion, providing a remarkable sense of comfort. Crafted to perfection with the best quality materials and special attention to detail so it can give you maximum performance and flawless results every single time. The wheel is incredibly strong and durable and it can hold a large amount of weight approximately
  • PROTECT YOUR SPINE & RELEASE TENSION SAFELY- This ingenious device is specially designed to PROTECT YOUR SPINE and help you RELEASE MUSCLE TENSION from the most difficult areas of your body, thus dramatically boosting your performance and increasing your confidence.
  • IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE, INCREASE YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND RANGE OF MOTION THROUGH STRETCHING- We know how challenging backbends and inversions can be. We also know how awesome it feels when you finally get the flexibility and confidence to master even one of them. This new, amazing Yoga Wheel is a great way to help you EXPAND your STRETCH LIMITS SAFELY and PERFECT your favorite asanas.
  • Great fitness and the stretching tool to assist you with backbends and yoga poses, achieving deeper spinal stretches, improving core strength, opening shoulders and chest, improving flexibility and balance. Size: 13 Inch. Package contains 1 Yoga Exercise Wheel.


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